At Covers N our Goal is to provide you with the best service, installation, products and warranty in the business. We have 16 years experience, a state licensed contractor, (lic #926009) and members or the BBB. We are family owned and operated and never hire subs. We are located in Corona Ca. and we service Riverside, Orange and San Bernadino Countys.

Our Warrantees
Lifetime Labor Warranty

Covers N gives you the best Labor Warranty in the Industry. We Guaranty that all Rain Gutters and Patio Covers will be free from leaks, loose spikes, and loose screws. And that all parts and components will remain it tact for the lifetime of the material. Labor will be provided at no cost to owner for repair and/or replacement of gutter or patio cover materials damaged by normal weather conditions or found to be faulty in installation or materials.

Lifetime “Registered” Material Warranty

Our material / Manufacture Suppliers carry the best warranty in the Industry offering a Lifetime “Registered” Material warranty stating that the products installed on the property described in this certificate will be free from painting defects and will not rust, peel, blister, flack, chip, check or crack from the date of delivery of the product to the owner. If painted aluminum coil fails to perform in accordance with the standers stated in the warranty certificate the Supplier / Manufacture will either repair, replace or refinish the defective products with out charge to the property owner.

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